Gloomy Nights, and an Invaluable Guide

The last couple of nights have been uneventful. I didn't check the weather last night, and when I got out to the Pali Lookout it was just too cloudy for any amount of light. I couldn't even shoot star trails! I was so disappointed because I stayed up late in the night just for this. Not a minute after I got out of the car, the clouds began to let loose a downpour. I decided to forego the horrendous shooting conditions and wait until tonight. Well, as luck would have it, the weather wasn't much better tonight. No rain down in my neighborhood, but if it's cloudy here it's raining on the mountains. At least I was smart enough to check the weather before I went out!

Okay, on a lighter note...

I have drawn immense inspiration and have learned a great deal from The Complete Guide to Night and Low-Light Photography, a book that really gets into the basics of night exposure, gives lots of great examples, and really is a valuable asset to a photographer of any level. I bring it up because over the last few nights of shooting I have really been referencing this book frequently. I just want to point it out for anyone who's looking for a good night photography book.

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