Wish You Were Here

Hello again, this time from wonderful Sasebo, Japan. We've been here almost three weeks because of a major equipment problem that forced us to pull in for repairs. I've spent more time in port in the last two and a half weeks than I have in the last four months of deployment. We still haven't had a liberty port (if you don't have duty, you don't come to work) so it's been busier than we would all like, but it's still been nice to be able to get away.

Shooting had all but come to a standstill before we pulled into Sasebo. There was nothing to shoot, really. All I have to do is to finish the crew headshots and we'll have our content for the cruisebook. I've been procrastinating and I think if I wait too much longer it'll bite me in the ass before I know it. We are gearing up for a major reactor safety examination at the end of deployment, and the closer we get the busier it gets. Drills, monitored evolutions, training, rinse, lather, repeat. The entire engineroom is getting de-rusted, repainted, and simple-greened over the next two months.

I have a handful of shots from Sasebo, although they're not up to my usual scrutiny since I just wanted to get snapshots from a place I'll probably never come back to. I've posted them on my facebook profile for your mild entertainment.

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