You know you're a photographer when...

  1. You turn a light on in the morning and you curse your eyes for not stopping down fast enough.
  2. Everything in your life just clicks.
  3. You lose track of a dramatic conversation between two characters in a movie because you're too busy paying attention to the nice bokeh behind them.
  4. You lose track of the entire movie by thinking about which lenses were used in each shot.
  5. You go on a road trip timing everything to get the best light at the places you want to stop.
  6. Your idea of fun is to spend 2 hours standing in Ritz Camera and mentally correcting the salespeople.
  7. You own tens of thousands in optical glass, all happily paid for (no credit) and yet you live in a dingy downtown apartment, own nothing but jeans and shorts for wardrobe, don't have cable and watch the three local stations on a 16 year old Sears 20" color TV, and drive a POS '86 Corolla with a cracked windshield and rattling muffler that you paid $850.00 for three years ago.
  8. 1 GB of memory lasts most people a month but barely lasts you the afternoon.
  9. You know what aperture-priority means.
  10. You delete more photos in a week than most people make all year.
  11. You need just one more lens.
  12. You’ve crawled on the ground to get a shot of something rusty.
  13. You find yourself nodding, agreeing and laughing at everything you're reading on this page.
  14. Your camera equipment is worth more than your car.
  15. No one else brings a camera to an event if they know you’re coming.
  16. Your family doesn’t recognize you without a camera covering your face.
  17. You have thousands of pictures and you’re not in any of them.
  18. You’ve been up before dawn or out in the freezing cold or even done something semi-dangerous…all for a photograph.
  19. You have a picture of your cameras and other equipment in your profile and title it "Weapons of Choice."

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  1. This list is how I live my life. Amazing. PS: Ritz Camera should die off the face of this planet along with Quantaray.