VIP Tour: Results

As I wrote earlier, I was home grabbing gear for a quick tour today. We had a few NFL players come down to the boat for about an hour to experience the extravagant life of a Navy submariner and all our lush surroundings. Thick, fluffy mattresses, saunas, music lounge....right. The first thing we did was warn them about all the sneaky scar-making metal in the overheads.

I ended up bringing along more gear than I needed, but that usually happens. I'd rather haul too much than find myself needing something i haven't brought. My first idea was to stage a couple of flashes along the supposed tour route with Pocket Wizards on different channels, but that was squelched due to the fact that I had to use my 580 EX II on-camera. (I don't have a bracket that will accommodate an onboard flash and a PW. Yet.) The reason I chose not to use Canon's wireless system was that I wouldn't always be facing the slave flash and it would have been highly unreliable.

The guys were really cool. They were also really huge, and the thing they were most surprised about was the size of our racks. I tried to get DeMarcus Ware to attempt crawling into a rack, but he didn't want the 'coffin' experience.

I don't blame him. Somehow I don't think he would have fit anyway.

One thing I did notice was that a 1/4 CTO gel on my flash blended better with the lights than the fluorescent gel did, probably because we have warm "daywhite" lamps.

We took them through the entire forward compartment. The engine room is off-limits for security reasons for people who aren't cleared. Even for the forward compartment, there are plenty of things we have to do prior to bringing tour groups onboard.

Today I scored some new shots of NFL players. Cool. If there's one good thing my boat has done for me, it's given me an opportunity to be exposed to people like that. Last year it was the city council of Los Angeles, CA. I've gotten experience shooting people on the fly, managing my camera settings quickly, and working quickly in limited space. Tomorrow we're getting a couple more players and hopefully they'll be as photogenic as the guys today.


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