VIP Tour

Well, it started out as a normal workday. All the chiefs and officers have their morning pow-wow, and then they scatter to their respective divisions like ants whose hill has just been kicked over. In the midst of that, the captain told us that three NFL players are coming down this afternoon to tour the boat.

I didn't catch the names, because morning quarters is nigh indistinguishable from a fast-paced livestock auction, including the smell. But I am home to grab my camera gear. I'm the ship's photographer and even so, it's rare that I hear about events like this more than six hours in advance. Ugh. Hopefully I'll have some good shots to post later.

The hardest part about finding room to set up lights on a submarine is that there is none.

Passageways are barely wide enough for two people to slide by one other, so using a light stand is out of the question unless it's in the crew's mess. And fat chance using an umbrella. Most of the time, a diffused on-camera flash is the only option. (sorry, Strobist readers!) I have to say, though, that my Gorillapod has become invaluable in this kind of situation, where the bulkheads and overheads are lined with plenty of pipes, valves, and structural supports for me to wrap it up on.

Time to head back to work...more to come later.

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