Dawn at Folly Beach

Yesterday morning found me itching to shoot pictures. Karen & I have been living in Charleston, SC for a little over two weeks now and I've been looking forward to shooting the change of scenery that this place offers.

There's a lot of lowcountry here to see--miles and miles of lush wetlands along the eastern seaboard just begging to be captured. Thousands of estuaries slowly snaking their way through the marsh and seagrass. And in this vast expanse of swampy goodness, I've found Google Earth is a great tool to help narrow down my choices. I can pick a location and instantly see photos posted by others--snapshots and pro images alike--and get a real feel for that scene at all times of day, in every season. That's not to say I look for photos I can duplicate (where's the creativity in that?), just that Google Earth is a window into the world of wherever I want to shoot.

Okay, enough product placement for now.

In Hawai'i, since the islands are closer to the sun's path, sunrises and sunsets don't last nearly as long. The "golden hour" is a mere thirty minutes on a clear day. It's not a lot of time, and you have to work fast if you want to get several shots off. So being back in South Carolina is great. Even though the light is still changing between each shot, I have plenty of time to set up and move around.

This shot was 6sec@f11, ISO100. I exposed for the brightest part of the sky which left me with too much of the pier's woodwork underexposed. I fixed that by walking around camera left with a 580EXII and popping it twice at the pier on full power--once near the camera, and once further down the length of the pier. It still left the underside of the walkway dark, but I think that adds boldness to the leading lines.

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