Dark Chocolate

Nugget is quickly becoming a great little model to work with. He's so eager to explore the world, and so intrigued with my camera lens that it's easy to capture his wonderment.

I shot this picture earlier this month with available window light, and after tweaking it for a while I finally have a print I'm happy with. The original image left much to be desired, but then again, taking the picture is just the beginning, right Ansel? The making of art is done in the [digital] darkroom.

My creative brain is beginning to wake up again; being on a busy submarine schedule never really left much time for creating images I was happy with. Near the end of my tour there I found myself disappointed more often than not when I would come home from a day of shooting. Now that more free time is available, I'm starting to have more ideas.

What do you do when you hit a mental block? When you can't come up with an interesting idea to save your life? Share your right brain-boosting remedies!

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