Happy Turkey Day

I keep trying to remind myself that part of Thanksgiving is being happy with what you have. That's why B&H is officially off limits to me for a while! (But my wishlist is public, however, soo...hintady hint hint.)

As Thanksgiving comes and goes, I want to wish all of you a happy holiday season. Spend time with your loved ones, be kind to those around you and remember what the day is all about.

Thanks for reading, and see you soon.

This Marina Made My Hit List

I've been fighting back a mental block all week. I mentioned in an earlier post that changing where I worked was having a big impact on my ability to make images. Not just to shoot, but to really create something meaningful.

Charleston is a foreign place to me. I have no idea where the "good spots" are. In Hawai'i I had a list of the places from which, barring some major disaster, I would return with a good amount of keepers. But not here. That convenience isn't available to me yet, so it's tough trying to find places to shoot. Just kinda have to pick a spot and play hit-or-miss. If it's a hit, it makes the list. If not, well...I'll just try it again with different light until it is!

I've driven by the Charleston City Marina several times now, and each time I had the time to stop and shoot, I didn't have the camera with me. But today I checked it out. The sun was beating me and I ran out of light before I wanted to, even shooting f2.8 @ ISO1600.

The marina is on the west side of the Charleston peninsula, so I was shooting into the sun, leaving me little option (since I packed light and didn't bring a strobe) but to shoot silhouettes. And it's surprisingly hard to shoot a marina packed full of sail masts and make a decent silhouette!

I know there's a lot of potential here at this marina, so I have a new entry on my hit list. And I'll be going back soon.

More Fun With Nugget

Work has kept me pretty busy the last couple of weeks, so I haven't had a chance to get out and shoot. I've been playing with my pet Nugget, though, and although he isn't a star athlete yet I managed to get a good action shot of him. He wears out pretty quickly though, so the "shoot" gives me plenty of opportunity for changing moods.