This Marina Made My Hit List

I've been fighting back a mental block all week. I mentioned in an earlier post that changing where I worked was having a big impact on my ability to make images. Not just to shoot, but to really create something meaningful.

Charleston is a foreign place to me. I have no idea where the "good spots" are. In Hawai'i I had a list of the places from which, barring some major disaster, I would return with a good amount of keepers. But not here. That convenience isn't available to me yet, so it's tough trying to find places to shoot. Just kinda have to pick a spot and play hit-or-miss. If it's a hit, it makes the list. If not, well...I'll just try it again with different light until it is!

I've driven by the Charleston City Marina several times now, and each time I had the time to stop and shoot, I didn't have the camera with me. But today I checked it out. The sun was beating me and I ran out of light before I wanted to, even shooting f2.8 @ ISO1600.

The marina is on the west side of the Charleston peninsula, so I was shooting into the sun, leaving me little option (since I packed light and didn't bring a strobe) but to shoot silhouettes. And it's surprisingly hard to shoot a marina packed full of sail masts and make a decent silhouette!

I know there's a lot of potential here at this marina, so I have a new entry on my hit list. And I'll be going back soon.

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