Creepy sights at the old naval base

Last night I was invited to come out shooting by a couple of fellow local photographers. It's always great to shoot, and even better to shoot with friends who enjoy it too! So the three of us brainstormed ideas for a while (actually, since I'm new to the area I basically just stood there and said, 'uh huh') and then went down to the old naval base to see what we could find.

I always pack heavy. I'd rather carry too much than not enough.

So after we found this building (which creeped me out from the moment we drove up), the first thing that came to mind was if I could possibly make the shot any more creepy. Eerie. Spooky. Whatever.

I pulled out a 580EXII, gelled it red, and stuck it in various doorways to get that look. For the later shots, I added a 430EX to light the outside walls and add some depth to the scene. Not much, but a subtle light to kinda show you where the ominous glow of red spookiness is coming from.

Chrys was actually shooting bulbs at f22, so I was trying to give him an opportunity to get some shots without flash. He got a great one by taking advantage of them, though!

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