Have Text, Will Laugh

Just playing around with some pics from a recent party. I picked a simple technique that yields a great alternative to basic snapshots. Pick a base color and tone your image (sepia, cyanotype, etc) to taste. Then throw in a quick description of the picture, whether it's one word or twelve, in a simple font and your picture will be ten times more interesting than before. (Yes, exactly ten times better. Trust me. It's really complicated math. I had to hire six physicists, two statisticians, and some guy who stayed at a Holiday Inn Express to come up with the number.)

Looking at Things In a Different Light

Many visually impactful images are such because of their departure from the norm, whether it be composition, exposure, processing or printing technique, or lighting.

Notice how the message of the image changes by simply moving the handheld flash behind the subject to create a strong conveyance of shape and form. Much different than the first, which implies a straightforward documentation of something's existance.

One of the hardest (and easiest) tricks in photography is to see the light that isn't there. Keep your mind's eye continuously searching for alternative ways to capture a subject and you'll come home with a better percentage of keepers.