Chase Jarvis Releases Best Camera App for iPhone

A few days ago, Best Camera was released for the iPhone by Chase Jarvis, and it's swept through the photography community with great approval and praise. In the first 24 hours of launch, photographers and camera lovers swarmed the app and its community sharing website,

Before now, we had to use several different apps throughout the process of creating images. One to take the picture. One to do some editing. Then an app for each website to share to.

Chase's app consolidates all that into one fluid process and really makes the iPhone live up to its reputation. Take a picture, and you are immediately presented with a small arsenal of filters that can be applied to your image. Here's the real beauty: it's a non-destructive editing program. Apply as many filters as you want, and remove those you decide you don't need.

Get your picture just right and hit the Share arrow, and a list pops up of a few major photo sharing sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and the Best Camera community site. Also included is the option to e-mail images.

The online community at is growing exponentially every day. Within the app is a page that shows a live feed of images being posted to the site (the same feed is shown at the site's home page). The site's home Users can click on a thumbnail and place votes for those that they like.

Don't miss this app! Chase has delivered a quality program that streamlines the shooting and sharing process. For the amount of features and ease of use it provides, it's a steal at $2.99 via iTunes.

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